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14-12-2011 22:03
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College Church of the Society of Jesus Cathedral New Cathedral.
Designed by architect official of the Jesuits in the late sixteenth century, Baltazar Alvarez, inspired by the church of the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, Lisbon.
The August 7, 1598 the first stone was thrown by Bishop Afonso White Castle which became the College Church of the Society of Jesus. Its construction was slow and only on 1 January 1640 the consecration takes place, starting the service, as the temple was inaugurated only in 1698.
In 1759 the church was abandoned by the Jesuits during the administration of the Marquis of Pombal.
In 1772 the Vicar Capitular D. Francisco Lopes Pereira Coutinho, argues with the KingJoseph, given to the Church of the College of the Society of Jesus is being abandoned and the old Romanesque cathedral too small for the corporation to capitulate and the large number of canons, as well as to liturgical functions. So on 19 October 1772 became the legal transfer to the Old Cathedral Church of the College of the Society of Jesus, then going to be called the New Cathedral.
The architecture.
The facade, the architectural point of view has two streams, the bottom is markedly Mannerist, strong lines and where they stand four statues of Jesuit saints (St. Ignatius, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, St. Francis Xavier and St. Francis of Borja). The top only is completed in the eighteenth century baroque, which stand out the weapons of the nation and two saints with twice the size (St. Peter and St. Paul) in order to harmonize the differences in width between the top and bottom.
The interior consists of a vaulted nave with side chapels that communicate with each other (font of the chapel, Chapel of Resurrection Chapel of St. Thomas of Villa Nova, Chapel of the Sacrament Chapel of St. Anthony, Chapel of St. Ignatius and Chapel of Our Lady of Life), transept dome and lantern, culminating at the top to the north chapel.

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